Investing in Yourself

I got some rather unpleasant news this week that is going to make life a little more difficult for the next couple of months. I’m having to rethink my plans for the future and am in a bit of an uncertain place. However, I’m strangely content about it. In the past, something like this would have prompted me to start down a dark path. But I’m not going there this time. I’m just facing what I have to do head-on without feeling sorry for myself. I think it’s because... [Click title to read full post]

Actor’s Block

I acted in a couple of productions when I studied music in college. I was an ugly step-sister in Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, and a year later was Papagena in Mozart’s The Magic Flute. I had a lot of fun and got good feedback from my peers and professors, however for these acting experiences and for my everyday vocal practice, I faced the huge problem of not actually being able to act... [Click title to read full post]

Emotionless Wreck

I’ve been going through a phase of unbelievable apathy and lack of emotion. I just can’t seem to care very much about anything, to the point where my feeling-o-meter is running at a steady 0.001%. This is a hard as a Christian, because there is a lot to do with feelings in the church. There’s a lot of talk about emotional healing, vulnerability, blah blah blah, so on and so forth. And that kind of talk doesn’t... [Click title to read full post]

Art Brain: Installment Four – “Trigger”

I think the word trigger has unfortunately become a little bit laughable in our society. For many people, to be “triggered” has become synonymous with being overly sensitive and whiney. Are there people who make a big deal out of nothing? Yeah. Those people often get the spotlight because they appear ridiculous. The negative side effect is that there are many more people who have certain situations and circumstances that, when faced unexpectedly, take a... [Click title to read full post]

Art Brain: Installment Three – “Finality”

I debated whether or not to post this drawing because of the content. Those who share with me the self-destructive nature of a mental illness will likely understand this and need no explanation. But mostly what I want to share about it is that nothing could have gotten me out of that place except faith that God could restore my ridiculously drab existence. [Click title to read full post]

Art Brain: Installment Two – “Breach”

With mental illness of any kind, it’s hard not to think of yourself as a defective product. Like something is broken. And it’s irrevocable, unfixable, and deadly. The good thing is, God can still use me despite my illness. To him, I’m not broken. He intends for me to use my struggle to reach others. Which is what I’m trying to do with this blog. [Click title to read full post]

Art Brain: Installment One – “Never”

I love writing. I do. And I know I’m halfway decent at it. But sometimes images get across a concept better than words. So, instead of writing full-on blog posts, I’m going to be sharing some of my mental health-themed doodles that I’ve come up with. Sometimes people relate to that more, and it’ll give me a chance to recoup and come back with some great written posts once I’ve run out of... [Click title to read full post]

The Future is Here!

This is the first August since I started Kindergarten that I am not going back to school. I am partially bummed, somewhat because I had started taking some Master’s classes last year and the degree plan didn’t pan out the way it was supposed to. And I had also planned on going back for a second bachelor’s degree in piano once I had progressed far enough, but I ended up not being able to audition because of pretty severe tendonitis in my hand that forced me to take a break from piano for several months, and I unfortunately still haven’t been able to practice confidently since then. So it feels like I’ve something unfinished and I hate leaving things unfinished... [Click title to read full post]

A God Beyond Comprehension

I think we humans like to take issue with God’s claims about himself because we automatically assume it’s arrogance. What we’re missing, though, is that it’s impossible for God to be arrogant because he really is as incredible as he claims to be. Humans cannot attain this because we are so limited in our capabilities. Compared to the being that created us, we might as well be... [Click title to read full post]

“Here I Am! Send Me.”

I don’t want to be a Christian that just watches things happen from the sidelines. I want to be involved in the work and take action. I want my life to be one that others can look on and see God’s hand working in me. That’s what I want, and I think that’s what God wants too... [Click title to read full post]